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Noah believe's in music and the power it has on everything. St.Paul, Minneapolis, and New York were my State side grinding grounds.I was also a
part of the Minneapolis scene (Alexander O'Neal & Cherrelle.) Noah wrote 4 songs & Co-wrote another on Alexander O'Neal's 2013 release. now Noah lives in Japan.

This artist is writing & producing for artist in Japan. Noah is also co-founder of Giasia Records and Music Group. Noah also attended the conservatory of music in Milwaukee, WI. He has performed with artist in Japan such as, SMAP, Double, AI, Cosmo (The Bassist) Family Tree Featuring LUCA, and also did jam sessions with Snoop and many others. Noah has also performed with artist from Earth, Wind & Fire, Rufus / Chaka Kahn. This artist has also been on world tours with major American artist.

Currently Noah has released 2 singles:
"4Leaf Clova" and "Unique Muzique" available on iTunes distributed by Giasia Records. Make sure you follow this artist on Facebook - Reverbnation
Giasia Records - Japan
"Celesta Williams" is the next star to break in to the charts in 2014 with Giasia Records. Born in Freeport, IL and Raised in South Mississippi, Celesta Williams is the beacon of the light that southern music has been waiting for to emerge onto the music scene to bring real R&B back to the mainstream.

There's a magic that develops when ever you hear this artist vioce capture the atmosphere, and it shows the raw true talents of Celesta Williams.

Her loose versatility allows her music to attract listeners of all ages and walks of life. Her lyrics are empathetic to the human soul and her melodies are sweet to the human ear. She is just what the music industry needs right now. Currently Celesta has released an EP titled: "Reflections Of That ATL Love" and a new single titled: "I'm In Love With You" available on iTunes distributed by Giasia Records

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Born; Columbus,Ohio
Education;Graduated from Compton High,and Comptom Jr.Colleage and Los Angeles Jr. Colleage Hills Conservatory of Music and Blaylocks Music school,I have B.A. for Engineering and Mechanics.

Ricky Cosmo is also an exclusive with JPG Basses
some of the finest guitars in Japan and the US.

Instruments: Ricky Cosmo started on Violin, cello,accordion did'nt really feel those,so I moved to the guitar listen to Hendrix & The Isley's, B.B.& Albert King.then the Bass just stuck out.So that's what decided to play and stay with. I play 4,5,6 & 10 string basses,I have 4 custom made mid Basses all made & endosed by Bacchus Bass in Japan I own at least 1 or more of a collection at last count 27 basses most are highend but the ones that work all the time are by Bacchus and I have stuck with them and found them to be in the same catagory as all the rest and I'm very happy to say that mine are 1off & also have them customized with L.E.D. lights by Sims in England.

Ricky Cosmo musical background career:

(Giappone) Tours,Stage & Sideman; Solomon Burke. Bobby Blue Bland, Al Green, Eddie Kendricks, Little Richard, Paul Jackson Jr,.Willie Hutch,Richard Hutch, Side Effect,Billie Preston, The Platters, Noah G.X. The Temprees, L.J.Reynolds,The Dramatics,Touch of Fire, Masterfleet, Elite Fleet feat. Jeffrey Qwest, Chapter II, The Experience, Little Johnnie Adams, Levidicus band, The Righteous Apples, Hazel Payne (A Taste of Honey), Noah G, Richard Streets tribute to the Temptations & Dennis Ewards Temptation Revue, Wolfman Jack., Leroy Davis of Kiddo, Arron Blackman from Roger,Johnnie Graham of (Earth Wind &Fire)Terry Forsythe of Onyx,The Drifters Marcus Miller(in japan only) 4US Band,Kope Posse Band, Yoshinori Monta, Joe Yamanaka ,Kuwana Masahiro, Kiyo,Mariko Endo,Mai Kuraki, Takako,Takayoshi Nara,Luca Ricky.

DPLEASE RECORDS (KOBE) and many more.

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Giasia Records - Japan
Terrell Phillips - better known for performing and recording with the popular 90's group "Black Street" and appearing in Tyler Perry's stage palys around the country like "Madea's Family Reunion", and other Broadway plays. Terrell Phillips has a new single  distributed by Giasia: We Can Make A Date,
available on iTunes.
Giasia Records - US
Giasia Records - Japan
Giasia Records - US
JOBEAR is the upcoming Southern heartbeat of R&B for 2011.  He has led a productive singing and songwriting life prior to this preeminence. This soul balladeer's strong commitment to the art of music has continued to make him one of the hottest artists to emerge this year, and it's leading him into the new decades to come. Jobear is the eldest in a family of seven. His parents knew he had an extraordinary voice at an early age. His career in the music industry began as a songwriter. While on long family trips from Colorado to Texas, Jobear would sing songs by Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Bobby Womack. During the entire trip, he would emulate these artists. It sounded as if they were right there in the car too. Much to Jobear's parents delight, he began to enter numerous school and youth center talent shows where he won 1st place in most of them. Later at the age of 17, he began writing his own songs and singing lot’s of vocal work for studio sessions.

Jobear currently lives in the Dallas, Texas area, and he continues to improve and reach higher levels in his vocal craft. On Jobear’s recent release, “Right Here Next To Me”, he teamed up with the hot producer Larry Williams, popular keyboardist Bobby Sparks III and guitarist George Wooten. Together they created a project that is “hot and modern,” but yet it still has that good ole 70’s R&B soulful crooning style that this artist can bring to a track. The goal was “To give grown folks music that they can relate to.” Love and relationships is the overall concept and it is expressed all through his upcoming CD.

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Download more music by Giasia here.
Download more music by Giasia here.
Download more music by Giasia here.
Ari is a professional singer/musician/entertainer originally from New York of British- West Indian parents.This makes his hip-hop/R&B music "Fantastico",in a festive/caribbean stylee.

Ari sings and raps in English,Spanish and Japanese.Ari has worked with Soul II Soul,Ice-T,K-CI,Snoop Dog,Chaka Khan,Tlc,Dj Masterkey,Will Smith,Cree Summer,Pete Escovedo(The Sheila E) and Madonna. As actor Ari has worked with Whitney Houston, Al Pacino,Wesley Snipes,Tommy Chong and many other celebrities in USA and Europe.

Ari has several song placements in tv/film projects worldwide.Ari was a member of a hip-hop group on Sony records and has worked with Capitol/Emi records and many other indie labels in USA and Europe. Ari was nominated for a European Dance Music grammy in 2000.Ari is working with Clutch Records in Japan and released his Japanese R&B/pop cd last winter.It features a song with Japanese rapper Two J(Hoodsounds/Toshiba/Emi)&Tsubasa( Emi).Ari has appeared on Japanese tv show "Super Chample" with Avex recording artists "Da Pump", in several other tv shows and magazines in Tokyo  and all of the major cities in Japan. Currently Ari is working with Giasia Records for the promotion and release of his new English project featuring 1 remix for Japan and some major label guest, the new track is titled: Loosen Up

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Giasia Records - US/Japan
Miles "MaestroP" Warren is a neofusion jazz funk artist out of Minneapolis, MN . His artistry started as a child using playing the bass guitar at the age of 8, he swiftly moved up to the piano by 10. He began his career in the late '80s opening for major acts such as Teddy Riley, Wrecks N Effects, Xclan to name a few. His music has spanned multi genre including but not limited to R&B, Pop, Funk, Hip Hop and Jazz. His career over the years covers playing, writing, production, engineering and developing new artists.

Currently he's working on his 1st solo project "Midwest Smooth". With this project he has shown an unusually strong command of his music and has a fully-formed his own musical identity. During his career he has toured in Japan, and the US. His unique sound fostered several lifelong career and personal relationships with several artists including the Son of Legendary P.Funk originator Bootsy Collins: Ouiwey Collins. Along with Morton Smith and Glenn M Ray. MaestroP 's current single "Midwest Smooth" featuring Glenn Ray and Morton Smith which is currently featured in the docuMovie, Bridging the Gap.

Early in his career his writing and production skills got the attention of Jimmy jam and Terry Lewis. MaestroP has written/produced many works for national artists such as Alexander Oneal, Janet Jackson, Qtip and Ralph Tresvant through Flyte Tyme Productions. MaestroP has shared the stage with such artists as Brian Mcknight, Earth Wind and Fire, Kool and the Gang, John Blackwell. When asked about his musical style and his choice of Genre, MaestroP says, "I don't see myself being restricted to any Genre" which makes his work all the more unique.

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